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Calgary ASASA Academy

Homeschooling program

Calgary ASASA Academy

Homeschooling program

Stable at Home Learning

K-9 Calgary Homeschooling Program

The ASASA Achievement homeschooling program incorporates our learning management system with ASASA’s print resources, teacher guidance, and parent delivery. This program follows the Alberta Program of Studies (APS) in all curriculum areas, and parents will be advised by a highly qualified and passionate ASASA teacher.

Parents are highly engaged partners in ASASA Achievement, creating a collaborative effort between the home and the school, making use of the strengths of parent-student, student-teacher, and parent-teacher relations. The degree to which parents must engage in learning partnerships differs with the student’s age, their learning requirements and grade level.


  • Parent-designed Asasa Achievement for all subject areas delivered directly to the student
  • Parent-designed assignments with marking and feedback


  • Capability testing
  • Exams
  • Report cards

Support & Communication

  • Asasa teacher guidance
  • Asasa teacher review and recording of results
  • Asasa teacher advice and guidance (as necessary)

Learning Resources

  • Enrollment in online courses (following the Alberta Program of Studies)
  • Print resources for all courses
  • 3 off-site field trips (directed by the parent for the student)
  • RAZ kids and other digital resources
  • A personalized gmail account with access to g-suite
  • Access to literacy resources appropriate to the student’s level
  • Literacy events at Chapter’s (as available)
  • Access to the Google Chromebook rental program ($99/yr)


$2500/per semester

The Asasa Homeschooling program allows parents to plan, deliver and assess their own child’s Asasa Achievement with guidance and assessments from a teacher.

Parent-designed Asasa Achievement
Parent-designed assignments
Enrollment in online courses platform
Print resources for all courses
RAZ kids and other digital resources
Asasa teacher guidance and advice
Literacy events at Chapter’s
Capability Testing
Report cards
What's Included
Limited spots remaining

Enrolment Procedure

Enrolment fee is a one-time payment at the time of admission for new students only, and deposit is due for both new and existing students. Deposit is due at the time of admission for new students and before August 31st for existing students. Administration fees for the following year are due by March 1 unless alternate payment arrangements have been made.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Money Order and cheque. We do not accept cash or American Express.

Option 1: Full payment on or before August 31st  

A void cheque will need to be submitted upon registration. If full payment is not received by Aug 31, payments will automatically be electronically deducted from your bank account monthly and will include the additional administration fee as per the 10 monthly payment option.

Option 2: Ten payments due September 1st to June 1st ($150 yearly administrative fees will be applied) payable by EFT (direct withdrawal from bank account) only, no post-dated cheques. A void cheque is required for this service at the time of admission.

2021-2022 Semester

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If you are interested in an online based private education for your child in Kindergarten-Grade 9, send us a message or give us a call today. We look forward to welcoming your family into the Asasa community.

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