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Frequently Asked Questions

ASASA Academy is an accredited K-9 private school that grew from the belief that students should be multidisciplinary thinkers with a strong grasp of technology. Coupled with the notion of an innovative, scientific demeanor, students at ASASA Academy are also encouraged to become concerned global citizens.

ASASA Academy is accredited by Alberta Education.

All ASASA teachers are Alberta certified and will be available a minimum of 950 hours a year in accordance with provincial regulations. If your teacher is unavailable for any reason, another teacher will substitute. Instructors provide supervision during onsite events and classes. Parents are given responsibility to supervise and assist students at home.

In the Alberta Guide to Education, instruction is defined as Alberta certificated teachers taking responsibility for directing the learning activities for children toward achieving the aims of curriculum and/or individualized program plans through:

  • Interaction with students, face-to-face or by way of technology, for the purpose of teaching and assessing student achievement of outcomes, and/or
  • Interaction with students who are engaged in classroom learning, independent study, online education and/or distance education, and/or
  • Supervision of student workplace learning. Instructional time includes time scheduled for purposes of instruction, examinations/testing and other student activities where direct student–teacher interaction and supervision are maintained

The mission of ASASA Achievement and its teachers is to provide unique, enhanced learning opportunities for families so that each student develops a lifelong passion for learning. ASASA Achievement teachers have the responsibility to: 

  • Develop the ASASA Achievement curriculum for each student 
  • Create opportunities for students to exceed expectations 
  • Be available to students/parents for instruction for a minimum of 950-1000 hours per year 
  • Deliver, monitor and evaluate coursework that meets the requirements of the Alberta provincial curriculum 
  • Evaluate and respond to submitted work in a timely fashion 
  • Provide students and their parents with constructive feedback regarding student achievement 
  • Help and direct students to prepare for final and provincial examinations • Communicate ASASA Achievement through report cards, email, Schoology and/or by phone 
  • Respond to all phone and email messages and questions within two working days of receipt 
  • Prepare and distribute report cards 
  • Keep students and parents informed about school events and other news

ASASA Achievement parents enjoy the right to choose the kind of education that shall be provided to their child and as a partner in education have certain responsibilities: 

  • As parents are the primary decision-maker regarding their child’s education
  • Take an active role in the child’s ASASA Achievement including assisting and supervising at-home learning and supporting the learning process 
  • Ensure that their own conduct contributes to a comfortable, caring, respectful and safe learning environment 
  • Collaborate with teachers as necessary to support the delivery of specialized supports 
  • Encourage, foster and advance collaborative, positive and respectful relationships with teachers and other school staff, as well as others providing professional supports and services in the school 
  • Engage in the child’s school community as appropriate 
  • Provide a personal email address at the time of registration and promptly respond to emails and phone calls from ASASA staff 
  • Access the Schoology platform regularly to view school information, course marks and progress reports 
  • For all materials and resources issued and the return of these resources as required 
  • Cover any costs incurred above and beyond the original program cost 
  • Notify ASASA if their child is unable to attend a registered event or class and to keep sick children at home if they would otherwise be in class that day

Once enrolled in ASASA Academy, your Teacher will work together to transfer your student’s grades from previous coursework. If available, transcripts from any schools attended will be requested by you to be sent to ASASA Academy. If your student’s coursework was completed in your homeschool, then we will work with you to build a transcript for those completed courses. 

You may enroll anytime during the school year. Our academic year officially begins September 1, 2021.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Money Order and cheque. We do not accept cash or American Express.

Option 1: Full payment on or before August 31st  

A void cheque will need to be submitted upon registration. If full payment is not received by Aug 31, payments will automatically be electronically deducted from your bank account monthly and will include the additional administration fee as per the 10 monthly payment option.

Option 2: Ten payments due September 1st to June 1st ($150 yearly administrative fees will be applied) payable by EFT (direct withdrawal from bank account) only, no post-dated cheques. A void cheque is required for this service at the time of admission.

Please complete and submit an application to get started right away! 

Download our Program Handbook