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Kindergarten - Grade 9

Online and Homeschooling Program

Education Outside the Classroom

Developing Asasa Achievement in Students

Asasa Achievement refers to the specific courses, academic programs, and learning experiences that a student will complete during the progression through their education plan. The Asasa Achievement concept is based on the premise that academic achievement need not be the sole domain of teachers or limited to traditional classrooms in our technologically advanced age.

Teachers and students interact in new ways in the pursuit of Achievement; learning can happen through different media and with less formal structure. While academic curricula remain the foundational for scholastic advancement, one’s Asasa Achievement can encompass a variety of educational experiences and diverse methods.

Intellectual Development

We plant the seeds of excellence that will help your child thrive in all levels of school and into adulthood.

Growing Responsible Citizens

From making sound decisions to earning respect, we are focused on teaching children values and proper judgement.

Character Development

As a leading Calgary private school, we welcome everyone and celebrate the diversity which helps us all thrive.

Technology as a tool

We believe the right amount of technology can be helpful to a child’s growth. Our motto for technology as it relates to child care and education is "Supplement, Not Rely."

The New Age of Education

our learning programs

Online learning
In-school learning
Teacher participation
Video conference
Guidance & Assessments
Parent participation
Monitoring child participation and engagement
Complete parental engagement with lesson delivery
Field trips
Self guided as safe/ available
None required/ parental initiative
Parental autonomy vis-a-vis curriculum
Teacher delivered
Guided curriculum, parental delivery

Online Learning

$5500/per semester

The Asasa Achievement online program incorporates our learning management system with Asasa’s print resources, self guided field-trips and teacher instruction.

10 online sessions of private instruction
4 Parent workshops
Print resources for all courses
Enrollment in online courses platform
Teacher Designed Assignments
Orientation Session
Teacher Meetings
3 Off-site Field Trips
Capability Testing
Report cards
What's Included
Limited spots remaining


$2500/per semester

The Asasa Homeschooling program allows parents to plan, deliver and assess their own child’s Asasa Achievement with guidance and assessments from a teacher.

Parent-designed Asasa Achievement
Parent-designed assignments
Enrollment in online courses platform
Print resources for all courses
RAZ kids and other digital resources
Asasa teacher guidance and advice
Literacy events at Chapter’s
Capability Testing
Report cards
What's Included
Limited spots remaining

2021-2022 Semester

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If you are interested in an online based private education for your child in Kindergarten-Grade 9, send us a message or give us a call today. We look forward to welcoming your family into the Asasa community.

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